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    SUGA developed the original Sunshine Weather Meter decades ago.Today,SUGA’s extraordinary reputation continues with SUGA’s S80 Sunshine Weather Meter.This precision instrument exposes samples to continuous radiation,without interruption,for the longest period. The stable spectral power distribution achieved by our original control system of discharge voltage(50V)and current(60A)contributes to the excellent testing reproducibility.This precision instrument in extremely reliable and easy to use and in conformance with international standards.

     S80 Specification:

    Light source

    Open flame   carbon arc lamp(Sunshine Carbon arc lamp,4 pairs of ultra long life carbon   rods)

    Continuous   lighting time

    Approx.78   hours

    Discharge   voltage and current

    50±2V, 60±2V

    Test   condition

    Light   only,light and spray on front face(rain)


    255(±10%)W/㎡(at 300 to 700 nm)

    Temperature   and humidity range

    63±3℃(Black panel   temperature)30 to 70±5%rh

    Number of   specimens

    Maximum 70   pieces(150 x70 x1mm)

    Test   specimen rack diameter


    Electrical   requirements

    3 phase   200V,approx.39A

    External   dimension

    Approx:width   136,depth 135,height    226cm,weight:560kg

    *If the power source of installation place does not supply,it is necessary to use a step down transformer.

    *Other available models:Low temperature model SL80

                                        Two independent chambers with Sunshine carbon arc lamp and other light source

    *For peripheral devices,please contact your sales representative.

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