SUGA MV3000Super Accelerated Weather Meters
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    This is the world’s first super-accelerated weather meter model with a verticval metal halide lamp as its light source (patented in both Japan and the U.S.).Its design where specimens rotate around a vertically placed lamp allows for more specimens to be placed than models where specimens must be fixed in a single location.This allows for improved distribution of irradiance,temperature and humidity.

     MV3000 Specification:

    Light source

    Vertical-lightning metaling lamp M3.0(3kW indirect   water-cooled type)

    Test types

    Light only,light&spray on front face(rain),dark   only,dark&spray on back face(dew)



    530W/㎡at   300 to 400 nm

    (filter requirement example;quartz inner filter and #255outer   filter)

    830W/㎡ at 295 to 450 nm(option)



    Humidity range

    Light test:63 to 85 ±1℃   of Black panel temperature(BPT),50±5%rh(at63℃of BPT)

    Dark test: 30 to 50 ±1℃   of chamber  temperature(CT),95±5%rh(at38℃of   CT)

    Number of specimens

    Maximum 15 pieces(150x70x1mm)at rack diameter of Ф400mm

    External dimension of the instrument

    Approx.width 105cm,depth 139cm,and height 204cm


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