SUGA GX25Xenon Weather Meter
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    GX25 is designed to artificially reproduce indoor deterioration factors such as sunlight,temperature and humidity.GX25 exposes materials to these factors and accelerates the deterioration process to predict their lifespan in a relatively short perioid of time.

    The light source is “2.5kW water-cooled xenon arc lamp” developed by SUGA closely resembling the sunlight and it can control the irradiance between 40W/㎡ and 60W/㎡(at 300-400nm).GX25 conforms to light resistance tests for textiles,ISO,ASTM,and AATCC.

     GX25 Feature:

    1.Wide range of control for temperature and humidity.

    2.Established the Irradiance and Temperature Direct Control System on a Specimen Plane

    3.Vapor system

    4.SUGA Air Blender

     GX25 Specification:

    Light source

    Xenon-arc   lamp WX2.5(2.5kW water-cooled type)

    Filter:Daylight   filter(The other filters such as Windows Glass,Extended UV,etc,are available   as option.)

    Test   condition


    [Option:Light-on   and surface spray.Light-off and back spray,Light-off and surface and back   spray]


    40 to 60W/㎡(at 300 to 400nm)

    [Option(Measuring   Wave length control):340nm,420nm]

    Temperature   and humidity range

    Light   test:55 to 110±2℃ of Black Panel Temperature

    (BPT;depending   on irradiance);

    30 to 70±5%rh(at 63℃ of BPT and 42W/㎡)

    Dark test:38±2℃ of chamber air temperature,95±5%rh

    [Option:BST(Black   Standard temperature)60 to 115℃(depending on irradiance)

    Number of   specimens

    Maximum   108pieces(65 x 55 x 1mm)

    External   dimension of the instrument

    Approx:width   100cm,depth 125cm,height 180cm,weight400kg

    Electrical   requirements

    3phase 200V   approx. 43A 50/60Hz

    Related   standards

    ISO   4892-2,ISO 16474-2,ISO 105-B02,ASTM G155,AATTC TM16,AATCC TM169   etc.(depending on test cycles)

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