TAMURA SAM10-401-27Advanced Super Conductor
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    SAM10-401-27 Features:

    · Proper soldering and curing with the adhesive can be achieved by using low temperatute.(160℃-4min)

    · Sn/Bi, Pb-free solder alloy is used

    · This product is VOC free and Halogen free paste.

    · The cured films have high insulation resistance values and no need to be cleaned

    · Cured films keep the high shear strength after 85℃/85% storage so they have high reliability

    · During continuous printing the viscosity is stable. And the stencil life is longer

    SAM10-401-27 Parameter:

    ItemsSAM10-401-27Test methods
    Alloy compositionSn / 58BiJIS Z 3282 (1999)
    Melting point139 ℃According to DSC measurement
    Particle size of solder powder10~34 μmAccording to laser diffraction method
    Shape of solder powderSphericalAnnex 1 to JIS Z 3284 (1994)
    Flux content14.50%

    Tamura Standard Test Method

    STD-016i:Condition ②※1

    Viscosity230 Pa・sAnnex 6 to JIS Z 3284 (1994)
    Viscometer, type PCU, manufactured by Malcom, at 25℃
    Thixotropy index0.38Annex 6 to JIS Z 3284 (1994)
    Viscometer, type PCU, manufactured by Malcom, at 25℃
    Insulation resistance test ※2More than 1×108 ΩBoard type 2,Annex 3 to JIS Z 3284 (1994)    85℃85%RH-168h
    Solder spread factorMore than 73%JIS Z 3197 (1986)6.10
    Copper plate corrosion test No corrosionJIS Z 3197 (1986)6.6.1
    Halogen content531 ppm

    Tamura Standard Test Method.  


    Shear strength64N

    Tamura Standard Test Method.             


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