MALCOM RFS-002Reflow Sensor
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    RFS-002 Feature:

    · Since a CA thermocouple is used as the sensor, it is completely compatible with a REFLOW CHECKER (MALCOM MADE)

    · As the size of the REFLOW SENSOR is 65 x 68 x 14, it can be used for almost any type of reflow furnace currently available

    · By using the REFLOW SENSOR, the reflow profile can be accurately set, hence damage to components, for example growth of intermetalic compound, cracking of IC packages, the popcorn effect of BGA etc. can be greatly reduced.

    Using the analysis data, decision on heat setting adjustments can be made quickly, thus the time taken for trials in changing board types is greatly reduced.

    · The reflow profile can be measured not only in the direction of travel, but also across the board width.

    · When reflowing double sided, the bottom side can also be accurately profiled.

    · The designing or evaluation of furnaces becomes much easier. The shape and position of heaters, punched plate, wattage of heaters and rotation number changes etc. can be measured and evaluated in relation to each heating factor.

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