TDM COMPACT加热翘曲度测试仪/Warpage Analysis
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    TDM–Compact加热翘曲测试仪/warpage analysis:

       The TDM–Compact is a versatile instrument for a wide array of applications in the areas of process development, failure analysis, reliability, and quality control.


       TDM is a patented tool for warpage analysis under a temperature profile. TDM uses the fringe projection technology (also called projection moiré) for non-contact, full-field acquisition of 3D topographies with a resolution as low as 0.5 μm. TDM-Compact acquires a full, absolute 3D cartography of devices with dimensions up to 310 mm x 230 mm (field of view up to 150 mm x 150 mm). Simultaneously, its powerful heating and cooling capabilities allow for virtually any temperature profile on the sample under test. The integrated software package provides tools for representation of the results as 3D plots, vectors diagrams, isometrics views and 2D profiles following user-defined profile lines (e.g., diagonal plots).



    Imaging :

    Direct sample illumination, non-contact measurement

    Capabilities :

    Topography analysis: z(x,y) function of the temperature

    Maximum samples size :

    310 mm x 230 mm

    Oven size :

    150 mm x 150 mm

    Field of view (x,y) :

    Continuous Zoom from 30 x 30 to 150 x 150 mm

    Depth of view (z) :

    Up to 25 mm

    CCD camera resolution :

    5 megapixel

    Accuracy :

    +/-1 micron or 2% of measured value, whichever is greater

    (x,y) resolution :

    15 μm to 75 μm depending on the FOV

    Temperature range :

    Room temperature to 300° C continuous

    Heating method :

    IR lamps - top and bottom

    Heating rate :

    Up to +3° C/s (sample dependent)

    Cooling method :

    Regulated flow of pulsed air

    Cooling rate :

    Up to -2° C/s above 120° C

    Footprint :

    140 cm x 120 cm x 245 cm

    Weight approx :

    330 kg

    Utilities :

    Electricity : 230 VAC, 50 Hz, single phase .
          Compressed air : 6 bar.