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    OKAMOTO GDM300晶圆抛光/晶圆背抛概要:

    Model GDM300 grinder is a fully automatic continuous downfeed grinding machine with dual polishing stations for increased throughput. Wafers are handled through the machine by a 6-axis robot, and load/unload arms designed for 25 um capability. An optional edge trimming system is recommended for eliminating edge chipping for thin wafers. Chuck speed, grinding wheel, and grind spindle downfeed rate speeds can be used to manipulate grinder throughput, surface finish, and wheel life. A two-point in-process gauge measuring system controls wafer thickness under grind spindles 1 and 2 with an optional laser detection for a more precision thickness accuracy (recommended for < 50 um). Programmable oscillating polish heads can be programmed to maintain wafer profile (ttv) in conjunction with with the optional motorized spindle angle adjustment. After completion at grind and polish, wafer is automatically transferred by robot to the mounter unit for UV exposure, detape, and mount. Pre-cut DAF feature is optional while single DAF is included. Coin-stack feature may be integrated. The local polishing unit removes subsurface damage for increased wafer die strength and the ability to handle final thickness of 25 microns.

    OKAMOTO GDM300晶圆抛光/晶圆背抛特点: 

    The process from back grinding to wafer mounting continuously by fully automatic system, 

    Which enable to grind till 25um thickness.

    With 2 head polishing stage, throughput is almost double compared with 1 polish head system.

    Built in edge trimming system is available as an option for thin wafer process.

    Dual index system, which polishing stage and grinding stage is completely separated, 

    satisfy the cleanness required for TSV and MEMS process.

    Less than Ra1Å ultra luminance, ultra mirror surface is possible.

    OKAMOTO GDM300晶圆抛光/晶圆背抛规格参数

    Maximum wafer-

    machining diameter of wafer


    Grinding Spindle: Bearing type 


                                Rapid feed speed

                                Grind feed speed

    Air bearing, maximum 3000 rpm

    5.5 kw, 4P, high frequency motor 

    240 mm/min

    1 to 999 µm/min

    Grinding wheel size

    Ø300 mm

    Index Table: Number of work spindles 

                        Work spindle Bearing type 

                        Speed of Work Spindles             


    Air Bearing

    1 to 300 rpm

    Automatic Sizing Device:

          Wafer thickness measuring system 

          Wafer minimum setting size resolution

          Wafer size display range

    2 point contact in-process gauge,Laser Detection (Opt.)

    0.1 µm 

    0to 1.6 mm; extended range software available

    Table Cleaning Device (Grinder side)

    DI Water + Ceramic block

    Wafer Cleaning Unit (Grinder side)

    DI Water + Brush

    Edge Trimming Device (Optional): 

                    Max Spindle Speed


    Recommended for < 50 um.

    1800 rpm 

    +/- 5 µm

    Number of Cassettes

    2 cassette stations

    Polish Station: Work Spindle

                           Polish head

                           Oscillation speed

                           Head Load

                           Pad size

    2High Precision Ball Bearing Work Spindles on Index Table 

    3Kw AC servo motor for 10 – 320 rpm

    100 – 9,000 mm/min.

    0 – 0.5 Kg/cm2

    240mm for 300mm, 160mm for 200mm

    Polish table speed

    Vacuum Chuck material

    3 Kw AC servo motor for 550 rpm max 

    Alumina ceramics + porous ceramics

    Integrated Mounter System:


                          Vacuum Chuck 

                          Handling pads 

                          UV Irradiating 

                          Single DAF/Pre-Cut DAF 


    6-Axis Mitsubishi Robot 

    Porous Carbon Fiber Vacuum Chucks 

    Carbon Fiber Handling Pads 

    Standard UV Irradiation system 

    Single DAF included/Pre-Cut DAF Optional 

    Coin-Stack Included