TENNEY Steady-State Environmental Rooms
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    ETCU Temperature Humidity Cycling Chambers ETCU-09/ETCU-16/ETCU-30/ETCU-64

    The Tenney series of steady-state environmental rooms provide a large, walk-in workspace for temperature and humidity testing. 

    Steady-state temperature and humidity testing 

    Stability and shelf-life testing

    Cold room labs


    Rooms can be designed to include:






    Our flexible, interlocking panelized construction can easily accommodate any arrangement and a variety of heights. The strong, lightweight panels provide optimum insulation, the stability to add on or rearrange, and years of worry -free service. Conveniently located control panel allows easy monitoring of all room functions, while state-of-the-art controls provide precise regulation of the simulated environment.

    Steady-State Environmental Rooms Features:

    Textured or smooth aluminum or stainless wall panels with integrated insulation 

    Room panels can be easily rearranged, and panels can be added to accommodate expansion to the room

    For heating, cooling, humidification, or dehumidification, air is circulated through a conditioning plenum 

    in both ceiling and wall systems

    Maximum airflow uniformity

    Extremely quiet operation

    Programmable controls, timing devices, chart recorders, and remote access options 

    Stability Test Chambers

    Meets all present and future ICH guidelines 

    A large selection of standard chamber sizes: 10-58-cubic-feet

    Available in four temperature or temperature and humidity combinations

    Chambers can be equipped with optional lighting systems for photostability testing

    Assistance with IQ/OQ protocols or complete chamber validation is available

    Optional computer interface with Windows-based software for multiple chamber monitoring

    Ideal for stability, shelf-life, burn-in, and reliability testing; curing; and controlled temperature storage