TENNEY Standard and Custom Walk-In Rooms
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    TENNEY Standard and Custom Walk-In Rooms

    Every Tenney environmental room features state-of-the-art equipment that reliably produces required conditions, structural integrity that keeps the room working properly through years of demanding test cycles, and measuring/ monitoring equipment that precisely records all test data. 

    Tenney environmental rooms are used worldwide for many testing applications. Almost every tool, product or component that is used in the home, factory or field is tested with environmental simulation equipment. 

    Tenney’s engineering experience can deliver environmental rooms to meet your exact requirements:

    Tenney offers walk-in environmental rooms in both standard and custom configurations to meet your process requirements.

    Standard Panelized Walk-In Chambers 

    The interlocking panelized chambers can be quickly shipped and assembled for less cost than a non-panelized chamber. The chamber panels interlock using a tongue-and-groove assembly that can be secured using cam latches and silicone sealant. The latches connect to metal banding links that are embedded in the panels to create a structurally strong chamber.

    Standard and Custom Walk-In Rooms Features:

    Temperature range from -65 to +200°C

    Humidity range from 20% to 95% in the dry bulb range of +20 to +85°C, limited by a 3 degree dew point

    Modular panels consist of 4" foam polyurethane insulation

    16 gauge stainless steel floors that can support 500 lbs. per sq. ft.

    Standard and Custom Walk-In Rooms Special Features:

    Redundant over-temperature protection and alarms

    Heavy-duty floor supports 1000 lb/ft2 of equally distributed weight

    Refrigeration taps and pressure gauges

    Optional water demineralization

    Optional external dryers to achieve very low humidity levels 

    Optional charts

    Standard and Custom Walk-In Rooms Construction

    Temperature range: -73°C to 85°C

    Humidity range: 20% to 95%

    Modular design for easy transport and setup

    4" (100mm) insulated wall panels

    Interior lighting

    Optional 3" or 6" ports

    Thermally insulated and heated windows

    Efficient Tenney Humidity and Conditioning System

    Durable and reliable construction 

    High-quality compressors

    Tenney Vapor Flow®

    Easy access panel for maintenance

    Quiet operation