TENNEY SS-10/20/30Steady-State Testing Chambers
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    Steady-State Testing Chambers SS-10/20/30

    These steady-state test chambers have a large workspace, with standard capacities of 10, 20 and even 30-cubic-feet and can maintain both temperature and humidity conditions for extended periods of time. A highly efficient design with a horizontal airflow system provides maximum uniformity, while air intake and exhaust tubes vent undesirable process moisture and vapors for accurate product testing. 

    The chamber’s condition settings are housed conveniently in a Watlow F4 Controller and can be programmed for hands-free, scheduled operation. A high/low limit alarm will alert users of extreme or inadequate testing conditions, limiting unwanted and inaccurate results.

    Steady-State Testing Chambers SS-10/20/30 Features:

    Meet ICH Q1A Pharmaceutical Standards

    High/low limit alarms

    High capacity (10, 20 and 30-cubic-foot workspaces)

    Door locks with keys or electronic locking with remote access

    High performance:

     ·-20°C to 200°C Temperature range 

     ·±0.3° after stabilization 

     ·20% to 95% Relative humidity 

     ·±2% for Relative humidity 

    ICH Q1A Stability testing:

     ·Long term performance: 25°C/60% RH or 30°C/60% RH 

     ·Intermediate performance: 30°C/65% RH 

     ·Accelerated performance: 40°C/75% RH