BLUE M ESP-400 Series Mechanical Convection Ovens
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    ESP-400 Series Mechanical Convection Ovens 

    The Blue M ESP-400 Mechanical Convection Horizontal Air flow Oven provides reliable performance, making it ideal for constant temperature work and for applications where fast run-up and cool-down rates are required. 

    A one-pass air flow system allows incoming air to pass over the heaters and through the work chamber only once, if desired, enabling fast cool down or quickly venting non-hazardous fumes or moisture. The horizontal air flow offers excellent temperature uniformity. 

    The setpoint and process variables appear on a bright, easy-to-read LED display. Setpoints are adjustable to 1°C resolution. 

    The main control regulates temperature by switching heater power through a solid state relay circuit. 

    An FM-approved independent over-temperature protection system is provided. This control disconnects heater and motor power and alarms an audible buzzer until manually reset by the user. 

    ESP-400 Series Mechanical Convection Ovens Features:

    All-welded, heavy-duty exterior - heavy-gauge, reinforced cold-rolled steel 

    Stainless steel interior corrosion resistant, including inner face of door 

    Adjustable shelves - nickel-plated wire type with 7 shelf positions

    Baked-on powder-coated enamel finish for long-lasting corrosion protection

    Fiberglass insulation to ensure moderate cabinet skin temperature 

    Heavy-duty door - double-wall, insulated construction

    Uniform, Accurate and Reliable Temperature Control

    Available with profiling or single setpoint temperature controls 

    Adjustable one-pass air flow system - tempered air passes over heater and through chamber only 

    once if necessary - readily adjusted to suit a broad range of product loads and operating requirements 

    Air circulation - quality ball bearing motor and balanced multi-blade blower 

    Exclusive Blue M Eterna™ heating elements with nichrome and ceramic heater bank provides quick 

    response - low-watt density assures long life

    ESP-400 Series Mechanical Convection Ovens Specifications:

    Specifications - 260°C Mechanical Convection Ovens

    General Purpose, Painted Finish



    Cabinet Finish

    Interior Dim .

    Exterior Dim .

    ESP 400




    19 x 15 x 18"

    480 x 380 x 450 mm

    32 x 24 x 37"

    800 x 610 x 940 mm




    19 x 15 x 18"

    480 x 380 x 450 mm

    32 x 24 x 37"

    800 x 610 x 940 mm




    19 x 15 x 18"

    480 x 380 x 450 mm

    32 x 24 x 37"

    800 x 610 x 940 mm

    Indication Resolution


    Run-up Time to 260°C

    (no load/no exhaust)

    20 min . at 240V*

    30 min . at 208V*

    60 min . at 120V*


    * Empty chamber performance with intake and exhaust closed at rated voltage

    Oven Options:

    Welded and sealed inner chamber (vapor tight)

    Nickel-plated wire rod or stainless steel slotted shelves

    Glass observation panel 


    Circular chart recorder