STK-2300Fully Automatic Wafer OCR & BCP System
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    STK-2300 Fully Automatic Wafer OCR & BCP System Features

    8”-12”wafer application

    Thinner wafer capability

    Frame trolley robot loading & unloading

    Frame Cassette loading & unloading

    Automatic wafer ID reading

    Automatic Bar Code Label printing & attaching

    Production LOT control

    PC based control with Windows OS

    SECS/GEM or simple communication

    STK-2300 Fully Automatic Wafer OCR & BCP System Specifications 

    Frame Size

    6” ,8”& 12”Disco frame

    Label Attach Accuracy

    X-Y  +/- 1mm

    Label Attach Direction

    3, 6, 9, 12  o’clock

    Input & Output

    Single 8 &12” frame cassette input & output

    ID reader(OCR)

    Cognex in-sight 1740 series

    Barcode BC 412(Semi T1-95 standard) & IBM 412

    OCR     Semi( M12,M13, and M1.15 standard)

                    IBM, Triple and OCR-A fonts.

    Bar code printer(BCP)

    Industrial label printer

    Print resolution             > 200DPI

    Label width                  20mm ~ 90mm

    Max. label roll OD        203mm

    Label roll ID                 38 ~ 76 mm

    Label Gap                    2mm ~ 4mm

    Label thickness             0.076 ~0.3 mm

    Label type                    Bath paper or other optional


    Ergonomics  Semi S8- 95


    Semi S2-2000

    ESD Control

    ESD Ion blower

    Control Unit

    Standard Industrial PC with 17” touch panel LCD

    Windows O/S

    Power Supplier

    Single phase AC220V , 16A

    Air Supplier

    60 PSI CDA , 2.5 CFM

    Machine Cover

    White plastic plating cover


    1136mm(W) x 1437mm(D) x 1747mm(H)

    Net Weight



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