STK-6300Fully Automatic Wafer Taper
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    STK-6300 Fully Automatic Wafer Taper Features

    Advanced ESD roller taping 

    Fully automatic tape feeding & mounting

    Configure with multi link SCARA wafer transfer robot

    Wafer position intelligent mapping

    Fiber non-contact beam sensor for wafer alignment

    ESD Teflon plating chuck to handle various wafer 

    Wafer cassette & FOUP / FOSB loading & Unloading

    Automatic wafer edge profile cutting

    Standard industrial PC control with 17” touch panel LCD

    Full SST cover & door with aluminum profile frame

    Built-in Ionizers for ESD protection

    Non-UV & UV tape capability 

    Lower tension control technology for taping process

    Standard configure dual loadport

    STK-6300 Fully Automatic Wafer Taper Specifications 

    Wafer Size

    Diameter:8”&  12”

    Thickness:>=  725 um

    Wafer Type

    Si , GaAs   Single Flat or V-Notch

    Tape Type

    Blue Tape or UV Tape

    Width: 240 ~ 340 mm; Length: 100 m; Thickness: 0.05 ~ 0.2 mm

    Taping Chuck Temp.

    Room Temp. ~ 100℃ Controllable (Optional)

    Cutting System

    Multi-Axis Profile Cutter to Handling Various Wafer

    Cutter Blade Temp.

    Room Temp. ~ 120 ℃ Controllable

    Wafer Place Accuracy

    X-Y: +/- 0.5 mm,    Θ : +/- 0.5°

    Input & Output

    Single Input Wafer Cassette / FOUP

    Single Output Wafer Cassette / FOUP 


    Ergonomics :SEMI S8-95


    SEMI S2-2000 / CE Standard  Certifications:(Optional)


    Wafer Cassette Load Port (E15.1)

    FIMS (E62) & BOLTS (E63)

    PGV Docking Zone (E64)

    Kinematic Coupling (E57)


    Optional SECS / GEM

    ESD Control

    Teflon Plating Wafer Chuck / Tape Transfer Rollers/ESD Blower

    Wafer Transfer

    Horizontal Multi-link SCARA Robot with Bernoulli or Vacuum Effect Hand

    Wafer Position Intelligent Mapping in Cassette

    Wafer Alignment

    Non-contact Beam Sensor with X-Y-Θ Offset Compensation


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