STK-7300Fully Automatic Wafer Mounter with Detaper
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    STK-7300 Fully Automatic Wafer Mounter with Detaper Features

    Fully Automatic Wafer / Frame Loading & Unloading

    Automatic Tape Feeding & Mounting

    Automatic Wafer Mounting and Pre-cut Tape Mounting

    Automatic Wafer Mapping in cassette

    Automatic BG Tape Peeling and Collection with Unique Robot

    Automatic Wafer Detaping after Mounting

    Automatic Tape Ring Cutting Rapid with Adjustable Ring Cutter

    Automatic Liner Rewind can Handle UV or Non-UV Tape 

    Standard Configure with ESD Teflon Plating Contact Wafer Chuck

    ESD Mounting Roller and ESD Blower on Mounting Site

    Industrial PC Based Control with 17” Touch Panel LCD

    3 Colors Tower Light with Alarm for Operation State Monitoring

    Compatible with wafer Diameter 8” ~ 12” , Thickness75~ 775 um

    Compatible with 8” & 12” Frame

    STK-7300 Fully Automatic Wafer Mounter with Detaper Specifications 

    Mounting Theory

    ESD Roller Mounting

    Detaping Theory

    Unique Robot Peeling

    Wafer Size

    Diameter:8” ~ 12”,Thickness:75 ~ 725 um

    Wafer Type

    Si , GaAs  etc., V-Notch or Flat

    Tape Type

    Non-UV Tape or UV Tape or Pre-cut Tape

    Width :300 ~ 420 mm, Length:100  m

    Thickness: 0.05 ~ 0.2 mm

    Wafer Place Accuracy

    X-Y: +/- 0. 2 mm    Θ : +/- 0.5°

    Detaping Temp.

    Room Temp. ~ 150 °C Controllable (Optional)

    Wafer Frame

    8” DISCO or K&S  , 12” DISCO or K&S

    Input & Output

    Single Wafer Cassette Input / Single Frame Cassette Output

    Wafer Transfer

    Horizontal Multi-link Robot with Bernoulli Endeffector

    Wafer Position Intelligent Mapping in Cassette

    Wafer Alignment

    Fiber Sensor for Wafer Alignment

    ESD Control

    ESD Roller / ESD Wafer Chuck / ESD Ion Blower

    Cutting System

    Adjustable Ring Cutter

    Control Unit

    PC with 17” Touch Panel Display

    Power Supplier

    Single Phase AC 220 V, 25A

    Air Supplier

    5.0 Kgf/cm2  CDA , 150 L/min

    Machine Construction

    Made of Full Aluminium Profiles Extruded

    Machine Cover

    SUS304 Stainless Steel Sheet


    1300 mm (W) × 2500 mm (D) × 1750 mm (H) 

    (Include Load port,  exclude tower light)

    Net Weight

    1000 Kg

    Shipping Weight

    1200 Kg


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