MALCOM RCX-1Malcom reflow checker RCX-GL (modular type)
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    Measuring instrument that can be added is a new concept of measurement unit (temperature measurement unit 12ch, reflow camera, wind velocity and oxygen concentration sensor) to measure the temperature of the core needed to 6ch the basic unit.



    You can freely add and configure the necessary functions (temperature measurement 6ch) core unit.

    We have prepared a unit wind speed, oxygen concentration and temperature measurement camera 12ch required 
        to manage the reflow process.

      Special program by the system, displayed on the screen the same oxygen concentration, wind speed camera 

      The support functions in the profile condition is easy to create a profile.

    For easy to obtaining and exchange, power supply is AAA battery.

      in the wireless data transfer is possible to adopt a new BLUETOOTH.




    Model   Name


    Main   unit


    Measuring   Temp. Range

    0500 *

    Max   Measuring Time

    Approx.   10 hours * 1 

    Sampling   Time (sec.) /Max. Storage Time

    0.05sec./4h50min, 0.1sec./10h40min, 0.2sec./21h20min, 0.5sec./48h20min,1.0sec/96h40min, 2.0sec./193h20min, 4.0sec/386h40min,8.0sec./773h20min Arbitrary   setup possible

    Temperature   Accuracy


    Measuning   Points

    1-6   Points

    Heat   Resistant Connector

    Miniature   Connector


    Thermocouple   JIS-K 1kΩ max.

    0.1   10m

    Power   Supply

    AAA   battery

    Manganese   batteries Alkaline battery Nickel-metal hydride

    Outer   dimensions

    Memory   unit (w/o Heat resistant case) 55 (W) x 170 (D)   x 18 (H) mm 200g

    Heat   resistant case: 65 (W) x 245 (D)   x 25 (H) mm 370g

    Data   Transmission Method

    USB, Bluetooth


    Approx. 570g (Heat   resistant case and battery are included)

    * 1 It differes from the heat resistant time of memory unit.

    * 2 It is the experimental value by AAA battery. The max. measuring time depens on battery capacity.

    * The above specifications are subject to change without notice.



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