TAMURA TLF-204F-171SPb-Free Solder Paste
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    LFSOLDER TLF-204F-171S is a Pb-free and cleaning-free solder paste used Pb-free spherical solder powder and special flux. Since this solder paste contains no Pb, the usage of hazardous materials is reduced, furthermore, the environment and the safe workplace are protected. As its flux residue contains no halides, it can be remained on the PCB without cleaning.

     TLF-204F-171S Features:

    1) Pb-free (Sn/Ag/Cu series) alloy solder is used.

    2) Stable printability and shape of the printed solder paste are obtained with little change in viscosity during continuous printing.

    3) Excellent wettability for electronic component and land pattern.

    4) Excellent solderability is brought with the reflow profile with high peak temperature.

    5) Superior reliability is ensured without cleaning the flux residue.

     TLF-204F-171S Specification:



    Test   methods

    Alloy   composition

    Sn 96.5 / Ag   3.0/ Cu 0.5

    JIS Z 3282   (1999)

    Melting point


    DSC   measurement

    Particle size   of solder powder


    Laser   diffraction method

    Shape of   solder powder


    Annex 1 to JIS   Z 3284 (1994)

    Flux content


    JIS Z 3284   (1994)

    Chlorine   content*

    Less than   0.05%

    JIS Z 3197   (1999)


    210 Pa·s

    Annex 6 to JIS   Z 3284 (1994)

    Viscometer   type PCU-205

    manufactured   by Malcom, at 25℃

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