CORES core9100a4D Scanner
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    Cores   Core9100a  4D Scanner

    The Macine is designed to heat up a small electronic sample work or device and measure its shape change. You can study and figure out the thermal caracteristcs of such works all through the manufacturing processes to pursue your daily R & D and quality-control activities. 



    ·Conventional 3D heat measurement only gets a rough iamge or characteristics of the sample work’s thermal change from the point cloud data obtained at respective profile temperatures at an interval of 40 or 50 secodns.  4DScanner, the Machine, however, helps you analyze dynamically and vividly the work’s real 3D data in motion videos.

    ·Once a measurement method is performed and memeorized in a workflow recipe, you can automatically repeat the similar measurement all the way thorugh from heating start todata output by simply setting a new work and reading out the recipe. Anybody can be asked to perform the similar measurement if he or she shares the recicpe in common.

    ·The Machine adopts a convection heating method, which gives less thermal stress to work samples.  Cores Reflow Simulation Series systems are all equipped with this work-friendly convection heating method.

    ·The Machine helps you to create temp profiles to control the inside reflow temperatures quite easily.

         Notes:  Do not continuously keep heating the Machine for over one hour. Use a profile  having a duration of one hour or shorter. 

    ·The Machine is provided with a stage of special glass the surface of which constitutes a reference plane for coplanarity measurement.

         Notes : The maximum work size to be set on the stgage is 19 (W) x 19 (D) x 15 mm (H).




    Product name

    4D Scanner





    VAC200 ±5% ,  VAC100 ±10%(50/60Hz)

    Power   consumption

    Approx.  5.3 kVA(200V)  Approx.    200VA(100V)

    Supply air   pressure

    0.5~0.6 MPa

    Air   consumption

    Approx.  500L/min ( 250L/min each for heating and  cooling)

    External   dimension (excluding protrusions)

    Main unit           :(W)303mm×(D)435mm×(H)476mm 

    Control unit :(W)300mm×(D)390mm×(H)210mm 

    Instllation   space



    Main Unit          :Approx. 37.0 kg

    Control Unit :Approx. 13.0 kg

    Ambient   temperature



    ※ The work temperature may be different from the inside reflow temp dependent on the work’s size and material.




    Hot air heater 200V

    Heater life

    Approx. 1,000 h

    Heating method

    Hot air   (convection heating)

    Heat   temperature

    Room temp ~ 300 ℃

    The maximum   continuous heating duration is 10 min between 170℃ and

    250 ℃, and 5 min at 250 ℃ or over.

    Heating area


    Work setting   area

    core9100a   :(W)67mm×(D)67mm×(H)15mm

    core9110a   :(W)19mm×(D)19mm×(H)15mm

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